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Working with Deva on Skype

Working with Deva on Skype “Working with Deva on Skype is brilliant. It’s convenient and means i can keep on track no matter where in the world my schedule takes me. Deva and her knowledge and passion for Ayurveda has become a welcome companion in my life. Her advice is practical and it works! The intense headaches I used to suffer from have improved dramatically – I hardly ever get them now!- and I now understand what my body and mind need in terms of food, herbs and exercise to be at my best. I’ve loved learning about this ancient
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Indianapolis, Indiana

Their approach to treatment promotes rapid, sustainable change like no other program I have encountered. And on top of it, their team of healers is not only highly qualified but also compassionate and uniquely dedicated to uplifting, energizing, and calling in the best in each individual. For anyone who truly desires and is ready to change his/her life, Whole Self Recovery is unprecedented in its ability to provide powerful tools and support in an incredibly loving, uplifting, profoundly life-altering program. In my opinion, this program has created the template for the new paradigm in treatment for everything from physical issues
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