Deva has helped me overcome

After nearly 20 years of health problems, mostly due to allergic reactions, Deva has helped me overcome most of them. My life and health have completely changed. In one of our first conversations she promised me that I would be able to eat foods that I haven’t been able to eat without problems for over 20 years. I wanted to, but had I hard time believing her. But she was right. She helped me, not only with my diet, but also with my balance in the rest of my life. It was literally a life-changing experience. I also did a cleanse with her and with amazing results. I felt so much lighter (in every way) and I will definitely do it again. I talked to her on Skype, from the Netherlands. Worked perfectly. She’s given me so much insight and information. Thank you so much Deva.

~Saskia de Feijter