Deva has helped me regain my health

I cannot say enough about how Deva has helped me regain my health. In short, she helped me get off of medical disability, strengthened my body, rid me of an epstein bar infection, helped me control my candida infection, and has helped my husband and I conceive our first child. Her extensive knowledge on herbs, diet, and self care have changed the way my husband and I live. We are healthier and I am finally strong.

I met Deva at a yoga retreat in 2013. During this time I was on leave for medical disability from work. I was a teacher and had repeat illnesses that I could not control. I saw many doctors including a Chinese doctor and a western allergist. None of them could help me. I had been on disability leave for 3 months and was not getting better. My body was very weak to the point my husband had to take care of everything around the house. All I could do was sit or sleep.

After meeting with Deva, she started me on a plan that included diet, herbs, and lifestyle. This was exactly what I was looking for! The other doctors would just give me medicine or herbs but no one could help me with what to eat and self care. I knew all these things were connected and important for my health. Within 6 months I was strong enough to start working again. I started a different career and Deva was there to support me through the transition.

As soon as I felt ready, Deva and I started strengthening my body for pregnancy. We worked for about 2 years. This is the perfect ayurvedic practice. My husband and I did a cleanse and started taking herbs to support our reproductive system. My cycles shortened from 5 days to 3 days, the flow was lighter, and I experienced no pain. Even the ovulation pain was gone. Deva helped me with foods I should eat and yoga sets. We discussed reproductive practices that would help us conceive.

Now I am almost complete with my pregnancy. Deva and I meet each trimester to discuss how things are going. We continue to talk about diet and she has given me herbs that can help with some of the symptoms I am experiencing. One herb helped with my nausea and mood swings. Another, helped with my joint pain. Other herbs help support my uterus and growing baby. I feel secure in knowing that she is knowledgeable about what is safe during pregnancy.

Deva and I live in separate states. We use Skype for our one-hour appointments. I have never had a problem with this format. I send her pictures of my tongue for her to review before each meeting. She is easy to get in contact and is quick to respond if I have a problem. I am proud to say that Deva is MY Doctor and I cannot imagine I would be as healthy as I am without her.

~Christine Bryant Sherk