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Freshly Made Organic Food Program


Sign up today for a weekly vegan food program

These programs are for anyone that needs nutritional & dietary support with organic vegan meals. We use organic Ayurvedic spices and fresh local herbs and greens when available.

Which program do I choose?

Vegan Food Program

Because you want yummy vegetarian or vegan food, need help with cooking or dietary choices, busy with not enough time to prepare meals, sick, low energy, fatigue or weight issues.

The Vegan Food program is $108 and includes: 3 entrees and two salads which include a selection of prepared dishes using beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, brown rice, quinoa, millet, baked and steamed veggies, kitcheree or soup each pickup.

Cleanse Food Program

Why Cleanse? For any of these reasons: you want more energy, need a restart, carrying excess weight, sluggish or fatigued, bad breath, strong body odor, skin rashes, coated tongue, bloated or acidic stomach, osteoarthritis, headaches from toxicity, suspicion of parasites, or Candida

The Cleanse Food program is $75 per day with a three day minimum and includes nut / seed milk or liver flush, quart of veggie juice and two entrees daily which include a selection of: quinoa, millet, steamed and baked veggies, seed pesto or cheeses, flax crackers, soups and salads. NO beans or rice in this program.

Ghee is optional with both programs.

Gluten Free

Available every week. Pick up is in Santa Fe or Albuquerque every Monday.

**We use sealing glass pyrex dishes and there is a refundable $40 dish deposit



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