The Classic Cleanse COMPLETE Kit


Includes Cleanse Manual and Recipe Book

Previously, this cleanse was only available as a 10 day program. Beginning in January 2016, we expanded the options so you can now choose how many days you would like to cleanse.

This cleanse is a life-changing, vegan, detox program combing Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs, nutritional supplements, an Alkaline vegetarian diet and yoga. This unique program has been formulated scientifically and developed by a Doctor to change the way you feel, look and live!

This home study program is perfect for those unable to participate in our Residential Programs or Group Cleanses. You get the flexibility to experience The Cleanse at home when your schedule permits.

The cleanse can be done In 3-21 days.
• If doing a 3 day cleanse, do 2 days of The Building Phase and 1 day of The Liver Flush Phase.

• If doing a 7 day cleanse then do 2 days of The Building Phase, 2 days of The Liver Flush Phase, 1 day of The Greens Only Phase and then 2 days of The Reintroducing Phase

• If doing a 10 day cleanse, then do 2 days of The Building Phase, 3 days of The Liver Flush Phase, 3 days of The Greens Only Phase and then 2 days of The Reintroducing Phase.

There are a variety of combinations that you could cleanse and we recommend you speak with your cleanse facilitator or Deva Khalsa or Dr. Kartar.




Product Description

The Classic Cleanse includes:

*A detailed, spiral bound Cleanse manual, walking you through every day’s focus and activities

*Carefully researched combination of Chinese and Ayurvedic Herbs, Homeopathic remedies, and Western nutritional supplements

*An amazing spiral bound 82 page recipe booklet giving you full access to amazing foods you can prepare during your Cleansing program

*A spice pack to make yogi tea

*Dr. Kartar’s magic tooth powder

*Celtic sea salt

*Detox, Licorice and Bedtime Tea by Yogi Tea
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The Classic Cleanse is a far more thorough cleansing program than the Qwik Drop Program. It is really a cellular cleanse, cleaning all cells of the body. The Classic Cleanse has a full manual with yoga sets and lots of information on how to cleanse.

The Qwik Drop  is transformational, quick, easy to follow, and does the job of dropping some toxins and some excess weight. The Qwik Drop comes with a mini manual, and will give you an experience of cleansing.

The Classic Cleanse is more intense whereas the Qwik Drop is more simple. Both programs allow you to look at your relationship to food changing the way you look and feel!

**Refund Policy: Once you purchase and open your kit, we have a no refund policy. Due to the supplemental nature of The Cleanse of Santa Fe and further, because of FDA regulations, we are not able to accept any form of returns.


“The value of this gift is immeasurable.  I have been an overeater by trade since I was very young. Food addiction has been a life long karma for me- along with it, the idea of having enough- scarcity being the norm. I can say 8 of 10 cleanse days of the Classic Cleanse were impulse free for me.  Into the first few days of the Cleanse I felt crystalline and vibrant with about half to a quarter of the food I have eaten in the past. This has ignited a new view of self-acceptance for me. 3 weeks after the Cleanse, my diet remains mostly raw and grain free.
Colleen M.

“The most effective cleanse in the world – incredibly easy step by step directions and amazing results. I did it in November and am going for it again in January. My friends should really consider taking the plunge”.
~Stacy Kinsley

Additional Information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 10 x 6 in
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