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Whole Body Detox


This homeopathic is one of the formulas in our Classic 10 Day Cleanse Kit and our Qwik Drop Kit. As another option for cleansing you can take this homeopathic with our Cleanse Recipe book, Cleanse Chinese Herbs and Vaccinosis Nosode as a stand alone LIQUID cleanse.

4 ounces

Product Description

Provides homeopathic tonification of the organ systems and promotes drainage of the excretory pathways. Citrus Limon 1X (contains Vitamin C to boost the immune system, powerful effect on the circulation and the blood itself, cooling, anti-inflammatory), Uva Ursi 2X (kidney diuretic, known to inhibit microorganism growth), Taraxacum 2X (assists the liver in detoxification and is used in hepatic and biliary statis) Galium Aparine 3X (excellent lymphatic cleanser while also affecting the liver, intestines and skin), Schisandra 3X (an alterative herb to strengthen the adrenals), Lobelia 3X (respiratory herb, an expectorant, lymphatic cleanser and diuretic), Tylophora 3X (stimulates the adrenal cortex, effects the lymphatic and immune systems and is a broncho-dilator), Capsicum 3X (stimulant and tonic for those in a weakened state; suppresses the inflammatory process; diuretic and potent stimulant for the whole body; antibacterial; promotes sweating), Berberis Vulgaris 3X (acts upon the venous, kidney and liver systems), Nux Vomica 3X (indicated in individuals who have overindulged affecting the liver and digestive systems), Adrenal 6X, Brain 6X, Heart 6X, Intestines 6X, Liver 6X, Lung 6X, Lymph 6X, Kidney 6X, Spleen 6X, Thyroid 6X (sarcode supplying enzymes and cofactors for tissue support and regeneration), Mag Phos 6X (used in exhausted, tired and mentally fatigued patients; generalized muscle weakness), Hepar Sulph 8X (recurrent glandular swellings, lymph congestion and mucous membranes), Lactic Acid 8X (assists in the mobilization and excretion of excess lactic acid).

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