The total experience was amazing

Finished the 3 Day cleanse. The total experience was amazing from the night before of making tea all the way through the last night of eating consciously. Doing the whole package of meals, herbs, and guide were totally worth it. Each meal that was made had a lot of thought put into it and the benefits the body would gain from it. The liver cleanse day definitely made a difference in helping my body shift. I highly recommend this program, I’m already looking forward to doing another or even longer one.

The aftermath of this process has truly made a difference in my daily life by changing the way I fit meals into the day. Each part of the program put me in a mindset to slow down, process and eat in a way that is truly nourishing to the body.

The guide that goes along with this cleanse was a key part to reminding myself that every part of this was manageable. My favorite part aside from the wonderful meals was the yoga that was paired with the specific day, it set the stage for the day ahead as well as the mindset before bed.

Thank you Deva for facilitating this amazing program.

~Bernadette Gongora