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The Cleanse of Santa Fe™ is an innovative, life-changing, vegan detox program combining Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs, nutritional supplements, whole foods and yoga. This classic cleanse plus our other programs have been formulated and doctor designed to give you back your vibrancy and change your life by giving you a fresh start and the tools to integrate these changes permanently.

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At DevaHealth, we think that you want to be healthier, stronger and more capable of handling your health and well-being into the future. In order to do that, lifestyle choices are very important. Are some of your lifestyle choices compromising your health and having a negative effect on your life creating frustration and hopelessness. We believe the next 20 years should be your best. Which is why product innovator and herbalist Deva Khalsa, along with a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Dr. Kartar created The Cleanse, which has helped 1000’s of people heal their body, mind and spirit and dramatically change their lives for the better. 

For 25 years we have provided our customers with Cleanses, Yoga, Ayurveda, herbs, and supplements. We are a family-run business in New Mexico whose mission is to help people with their health. 

We ship orders anywhere in the United States and Canada. Welcome to DevaHealth and The Cleanse of Santa Fe™.  

What is
The Cleanse?

The foods you eat and your physical environment can cause your body to accumulate toxins which limit your physical stamina and impair your immune system. It doesn’t have to be this way! The Cleanse of Santa Fe™ works to give you the tools to restore, and then maintain, a state of optimal health, vitality and aliveness. Revitalize, Restore and Refresh, with The Cleanse of Santa Fe™.

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The Cleanse of Santa Fe™ is Natural, Energizing and Wholistic. It’s Nutritious, Educational and Wholesome. It’s a revolutionary, 7, 10 and 40 day cleansing and alkalinizing, detoxifying experience. An innovative, life-changing, vegan detox program combining Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs, nutritional supplements, raw living foods and yoga formulated and doctor designed to give you back your vibrancy and change your life by giving you a fresh start and the tools to integrate these changes permanently.


The Cleanse™ was developed out of the union of two ideas:

1. Our desire to formulate a safe and effective cleansing program using the highest quality, vegan supplements, vitamins and herbal products available.

2. The best way to help those who are seeking a path to true wellness is to give them the tools to build a healthy, daily routine; thus, empowering them to sustain and enrich their lives. That’s where the Kundalini Yoga and yogic lifestyle comes in.

The Cleanse™ is a 7 or 10-day program, carefully formulated to rid your body of toxins, parasites, wastes and poisons. These harmful substances can build up in your body over time through diet choices, environmental pollution and everyday stress. They not only inhibit the body’s ability to function properly but also can eventually lead to serious health problems.

The Cleanse™ combines whole foods, fresh juices, supplements, herbs, body therapies and Kundalini Yoga to literally clean your cell tissues from the inside out. To do this, we combine ages-old natural wisdom with the latest developments in alternative medicine.

Our program is 100% natural and vegan and flushes out toxins while strengthening the body–leaving you feeling lighter, brighter, clearer and cleaner. It can bolster your immune system, generate healthy tissues in key organs such as the liver, purify the blood, and restore your body’s ability to regulate and heal itself.

The physical benefits of The Cleanse™ are just the beginning. The Holistic nature of the program operates not only on the physical plane, but also on emotional, mental and even spiritual levels. As a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Kartar has also drawn on the fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In that school of thought, certain emotions are associated with each organ system—both positive and negative. When you use diet to cleanse the organs of the body, you may also flush out old, unprocessed, and potentially negative emotions, as well as strengthen positive emotions. The Cleanse™ is designed to help you eliminate unsupportive emotions as quickly as possible, while giving you exercises and meditations to accentuate the positive dimensions of your being.

“The Box” contains a whole host of things neatly organized: Ayurvedic herbs, Chinese herbs, nutritional supplements, homeopathic remedies, an 82 page recipe booklet, tooth powder, Celtic Sea Salt, yogi tea herbs and Detox, Bedtime and Licorice Tea by Yogi Tea.

Also included is our 96 page manual that tells you more about what these items are, how you will use them, daily yoga sets and lots of other information about The Cleanse™. But that’s not all that you get. You can count on expert facilitation and support by telephone whenever you need it.

The first few days it will take about 1-1/2 hours in the morning for juice and food preparation and another 30-60 minutes for yoga & meditation. After you get in a routine the prep time will be about 45 minutes to an hour.

No. This cleanse is designed to support you in your regular life, both while you are doing The Cleanse™ and after you’ve finished. We encourage you to rest when necessary and eliminate stressful activities. If possible, support yourself by visiting a practitioner of your favorite healing modality.

Whether it’s massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, aromatherapy or just spending time with friends, you can greatly enhance your experience by considering this a time to pamper yourself. You are embarking on a life-changing voyage. While each person’s needs vary, remember that this is about you and don’t hesitate to put yourself first!

Call us! We know that The Cleanse™ can be a challenge, and we want this to be a great experience for you. Stay in touch with us; we’re here to guide you through this process. There are no “dumb” questions and by sharing your experience with us we can help make things go well before a problem arises.


When you’ve finished The Cleanse™, your entire system—body, mind and spirit—is different than it was 7 or 10 days ago. We recommend that you slowly re-introduce foods that you did not eat on The Cleanse™ and try to continue eating the foods from The Cleanse™ that you particularly liked.

We offer a follow-up program called the 30-day Rejuvenation Continuation. This month-long program gives you supplements similar to those in the 10-day program and a diet that expands your food choices in a sensible way.

You may also want to schedule a phone consultation with Dr. Kartar or Deva to develop a personalized program for you based on your needs, schedule, diet and budget.

Our general recommendations for everyone are:

• Avoid wheat or dairy products, and no meat for 30 days

• Take a quality multi-vitamin daily

• Maintain an intake of fluids appropriate for your body size

• Reduce or eliminate processed foods

• Eat organic whenever possible

• Continue daily yoga, meditation or other physical activity

Cleanse Central™ 505-988-7076

Cleansing Emergency 505-603-8815

Please email or call us with any questions or concerns at

Kundalini Yoga is often called The Yoga of Awareness. It works on many levels: physical, mental and spiritual. The physical experience of Kundalini Yoga can be profound and immediate.

As your body becomes increasingly aware of itself, your mind begins the interplay of motion and thought. Most practitioners of Kundalini Yoga will attest to its spiritual nature, however, it is not a religion.

You can think of it more as an ancient science—we will often call it a technology. Its spiritual aspect is boundless and non-discriminating; therefore, it is for everyone. It is universal and non-denominational. You can choose any type of yoga or body movement during your cleanse program. You do not have to do Kundalini Yoga.



Just completed yet another cleanse with Deva. I have lost count of how many I have done over more than a decade. I highly recommend 10 days, if you can do it. It takes the process much deeper to come out much higher. 

There is actually a swelling, opening feeling of connection to the beauty of the natural world this time which is joyous. Colors are brighter, food taste tastes better, sleeping and dreaming is deeper; that is continuing 2 days after the cleanse. I expect it is our natural state that The Cleanse gives access. 

The first few days are the hardest; getting everything organized and food in the fridge and mostly creating space in your life for rest and quiet. Once you get started it is easy and starts to flow. 

I didn’t do it with a group this time, but have memories of all the times I’ve done it with groups that carried me through when things got difficult. Each cleanse is different, but all the journeys are fabulous.”

June 2021
Briggs Whiteford, Artist
Block Island, Rhode Island

I signed up for a residential program in November 2009 to quit smoking and get my stress level under control. I achieved both but discovered much more. Cleanse leaders Deva and Dr. Kartar Khalsa are amazing. They work with you on a lot of levels to ferret out what’s underneath your issues and bring that into the light. They heal with a blend of amazing whole foods and supplements, acupuncture and other body treatments, Kundalini yoga, Ayurveda and personal counseling. This is a very sweet, complete experience I would recommend to anyone!

~Lynne Eppel, Publisher/Editor Edible Front Range Magazine

After nearly 20 years of health problems, mostly due to allergic reactions, Deva has helped me overcome most of them. My life and health have completely changed. In one of our first conversations she promised me that I would be able to eat foods that I haven’t been able to eat without problems for over 20 years. I wanted to, but had I hard time believing her.

But she was right. She helped me, not only with my diet, but also with my balance in the rest of my life. It was literally a life-changing experience. I also did a cleanse with her and with amazing results. I felt so much lighter (in every way) and I will definitely do it again. I talked to her on Skype, from the Netherlands. Worked perfectly. She’s given me so much insight and information. Thank you so much Deva.

~Saskia de Feijter

I really loved the Cleanse, and feel so good after doing it. In fact it has helped me to change my long term diet in a very powerful way, and I am really excited to feel so much good new energy within my body home.

~Snatam Kaur
musician, peace activist, teacher of Sikh Dharma, Naad Yoga and Kundalini Yoga

I have been doing your cleanse for over 10 years now and every time I embark on it, I feel like I am coming home. The structure, the proportions, the system, all of it just works. I like to do The Cleanse a few times a year to stay on track. Thank you Deva, for such a gift. Your energy infuses every ounce of The Cleanse.

~K. Farkas, Writer

After doing this cleanse for the third time, I experienced several new significant breakthroughs including deeply renewed energy, letting go of some major repressed emotional blocks, and reseting healthy food habits. This is by far the best cleanse I’ve ever done and one that I’ve now adapted as a routine part of a healthy lifestyle twice a year. Recently I’ve begun to recommend this cleanse to clients in my private Ayurvedic practice, and they experience their own unique breakthroughs as well such as clearing of sinuses, return of healthy digestive fire, feeling lighter and more energetic, and many, many others.

~Whitney Erwin, M.Ed., CMT

“This was the most helpful program. Deva is one of the most wonderful practitioners, combining her real life knowledge of Ayurveda and helping penetrate to the root of the health problem. Thanks for your support Deva, you are awesome.”

~Dr. Japa Kaur Khalsa, Doctor of Oriental Medicine

I took part in the wellness residential 10 Day Cleanse in Fall of 2009. I had been looking for a Kundalini yoga retreat online and found The Cleanse of Sante Fe. I came to Espanola with an open mind, excited to do as much Kundalini as possible and curious about The Cleanse experience. I would recommend this adventure to anyone who wants to get their relationship with their body back. Ten days of yoga, amazing food, and time for reflection and you understand what your body needs better then you probably ever have.

Deva and Kartar run the program with grace and kindness, as well as an incredible depth of knowledge about the physical and spiritual body. They are fun and wonderful guides during the journey. You leave feeling, cleansed, but also refreshed, grounded and energized. It has been about four months since I did The Cleanse and I still eat veggies with almost every meal. I don’t drink coffee any more and amazingly I don’t need it. I do yoga or exercise almost every day and my body sends me clear messages when I don’t. These aren’t things I have to make an effort to do. It isn’t like a New Year’s resolution. The Cleanse helps you reconnect with your body and you just won’t want to give up that relationship once you get it back.

~Dana Modell, Beverly, Massachusetts, Psychotherapist

I have never been what you call overweight, just always carried around extra weight all over. I could hide it mostly with clothes and most people would say I look fine. I knew I had this layer of body fat that I could not get rid of, no matter what I did. I just could not slim down to what I believe my body shape should be. The Cleanse made it happen, I am finally exactly where I believe I should be and I feel amazing. For the first time in my adult life I am happy with my body shape.

For years I have tried everything, different pills, diets, and cleanses and found I could never really get that all over feeling of health and lose that layer of fat that seemed pasted to my body. More recently I had been working very hard with exercise and diet however never was able to lose those last 10 pounds no matter what I did. I was in great shape and could feel muscles under that layer of fat that I could not get rid of. After doing ‘The Cleanse” my whole body changed, those last 10 pounds dropped off AND stayed off! My husbad tells me my body looks better than when he first met me. I sure feel great. My clothes look different AND I bought my first pair of size 6 jeans in over 15 years AND I bought a size small dress.

I cannot ever remember fitting a size small dress. In fact I fought with the sales clerk trying to get me to try it on. I feel like I took 20 years off my life, I found the cleanse easy to follow and the food is truly amazing. I have continued to make and try new recipes from the Cleanse recipe book. This Christmas was the first time I can remember actually liking the pictures taken of me!

~Shelly Gillis, Canada

Thank you so much for your great support during my 10 day cleanse in Santa Fe. I’ve been cleansing on my own once per year over the past 20 years, however it never was as effective as your residential program. Thank you for opening your world and sharing your knowledge with me. Focusing on my health and wellbeing 100%, made me respect my body and mind once again. It woke up my inner voice that knows exactly what is good for me. I’m rejuvenated and you inspired me to keep walking the healthy path.

I highly recommend this program to anyone. A once or twice a year treat for your body and mind. Deva and Dr. Kartar are a loving and dedicated team. Santa Fe’s nature and its health-aware community will welcome you and support you during your wellness journey. Everything will go smoother if you feel healthy and strong.

~Sylvia U. Switzerland

The Cleanse is one of the best gifts that I have ever given myself. I am renewed physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Nurturing my body in this gentle and loving way taught me to slow down and be my authentic self. Deva’s food, along with her huge heart and gentleness, is absolutely delicious and is quickly becoming some family favorites in our kitchen. I am loving myself more and glowing from the inside out.

~Christina Porter,

Designer, San Francisco


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