QWIK DROP 7 Day Cleanse


We’ve created a simple easy to follow 7 day program that is perfect for almost anyone wanting to do a simple easy to follow cleanse, shed some old baggage and lose a few pounds. The program is based on the supplementation and tinctures included in the kit and recipes for juices, soups and salads designed and created by Deva Khalsa.

Includes: supplements, probiotics, Cleanse green powder, Chinese herbs, homeopathics, Ayurvedic herbs, yogi teas and detailed instructions.

The food program is do-it-yourself. This kit does not include juice, soup or salad.

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The Qwik Drop is transformational, quick, easy to follow, and does the job of dropping some toxins and some excess weight. The Qwik Drop comes with a mini manual, and will give you an experience of cleansing using simple whole foods, juice, teas herbs and homeopathy.

Qwik Drop kit contains probiotics, B12, green powder, magnesium oxide, Chinese herbal tincture and Whole Body Detox homeopathic plus yogi teas and a yogi tea spice mix.

The Classic 10 Day Cleanse is a far more thorough cleansing program than the Qwik Drop Program. It is really a cellular cleanse, cleaning all cells of the body. The Classic Cleanse has a protocol where the first two days are tonification and orientation to the program. You can have soaked nuts and seeds plus grain and veggies. The next three days are liver flushing days where the diet excludes nuts. Then there are three days of green food only which are colon cleansing days and the deepest part of The Cleanse. The last two days are tonification again and re-entry of nuts, seeds and grains. The Classic Cleanse has a full manual with yoga sets and lots of information on how to cleanse.

The Classic Cleanse is more intense whereas the Qwik Drop is more simple. Both programs allow you to look at your relationship to food, changing the way you look and feel!

**Refund Policy: Once you purchase and open your kit, we have a no refund policy. Due to the supplemental nature of The Cleanse of Santa Fe and further, because of FDA regulations, we are not able to accept any form of returns.


“Today I am a new person, energized, disciplined and confident. This is after only one week. As I continue to use my new found nutrition knowledge and love for this amazing body I will be able to feel centered and grounded throughout each day. This experience has opened my eyes to all of the unhealthy habits that slowly creep into a busy persons life. I will recommend this cleanse /detox to all of my friends.”

Hospice Volunteer


“I lost 10 pounds on the Juice, Soup & Salad Cleanse. I loved the salads! During the cleanse, I felt good.”


“I recently did the QWIK DROP 7 day cleanse.
I religiously stuck to all aspects. I lost a solid inch off my waistline but more importantly I had problems with my feet for months prior to this program. My left foot had numbness and created a loss of balance. My right foot had plantar fascia severe pain and also affected balance.
I tried reflexology, Shiatsu, physician (a week of anti-inflammatory medication), soaked in apple cider vinegar, exercise, with little or no improvement. Until! on the 6th day of this program BOTH those problems disappeared completely! I’m not exaggerating. To date problems have not returned.”

Shiva Singh Khalsa
Spirit Rising Foundation

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